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The following resources have been paid for or set up by the College to assist you in your studies. Please make good use of them!

High-quality revision podcasts for most GCSE subjects

Username: estley

Get the password from a maths teacher

Website set up by the science department for students to access lesson resources and a range of useful links, videos and revision material

Science homework and resources, including course content for all year groups from 7-11. Get your login details from a science teacher 

Language learning sites - get your login details from a Language teacher

Blogs set up by the History Department for GCSE and KS3 students with links, homeworks, articles, resources and more.

Blog set up by the Art department with homework and exam information

TECC Business Studies

Online repository of Busness resources set up by your subject teachers.

Website set up by the Dance department for GCSE and Dance Specialism students

Other useful links

General learning and revision resource for all ages and subjects

Our friends at Brookvale Groby have prepared the excellent 'Big Revision Guide' for all subjects

Website providing a good selection of Science GCSE revision videos

Revision tools including flash card creation

Collection of maths, science and geography videos and links

General GCSE revision site

Free "accelerated learning" platform for various subjects

Cross-curricular revision tips and resources

GCSE resources for a range of subjects


The Revision Guides listed below are all available to purchase at a discounted rate from the Library Shop

The following resources are available to download directly

Thomas Estley provides the above links to websites we have found useful for students in their studies. The College is not responsible for the content of any externally linked websites. If any inappropriate content is discovered via a link placed on this site, please report this to the College via our contact form and we will remove the link.